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Anjum Rashid
3 min readOct 2, 2018

Simply picture a random university classroom with chattering students during off periods — you imagination might be interrupted by some enthusiastic guy explaining his classmates the techy stuffs he’s discovered the night before.
Well that guy’s probably me or at least of my type.

I’m just a guy who somehow got interested in computer related fun stuffs from his early childhood, which eventually got me into Computer Science and Engineering department in Jahangirnagar University.


So when I first heard about the existence of recently emerged JU Computer Club from CSE department, as a fresher, I knew it was the very platform I cherished to explore and work with. Being a member, my only interaction with the club was the Hardware Disassembling Workshop which was about disassembling a desktop computer’s components into smallest possible units and reassembling them again.

About a year later, there came an opportunity to join their managing committee through a viva-voce and coincidentally, I was selected although I remember attending only one viva board. Actually, the candidates had to go through at least two of the three boards.

As an executive member, at first, my personal focus was to analyze the opportunity that it offers and figure out the areas of improvement.
Initially I involved myself in club based publications and promotions on social media for audience engaging. Meanwhile, we organized a Web Development Workshop, showing the freshers the path to build their career through various frameworks.

Usually, on our weekly club meetings , some brings newer ideas and topics to incorporate it with the club, whilst rather quiet ones takes part in the discussion in more straightforward way. Well sometimes it turns into fun gossip to be honest. It’s really a friendly atmosphere discussing your favorite stuffs and learning more about it from your fellow friends and seniors.

Microsoft Imagine Campaign at Social Science Faculty, JU ; Source: Tanzim Taharat

Some of our recent prominent activities which I’d like to simply brag about are organizing Microsoft Imagine Campaign on our campus (we literally roamed around our whole campus for crowd engaging), arranging application procedure for Microsoft Student Partner program and organizing workshop on BDAPPS in sponsorship with Robi.

Currently, we’re working on our first Jahangirnagar University based Messenger QnA BOT that can be accessed by anyone for information related to Transport Schedule, Local Foods and Cuisine, Local Roaming checkpoints, Admission info, Departmental Locations, Rickshaw Fare Estimation or even a random friendly chitchat. (Cool stuff right?)

Data Entry session for JU BOT at Dept of CSE, JU ; Source: Own capture

We even have launched our fully-fledged website with interesting contents!

It’s been six months since I’ve joined the club as an executive member.
Hopefully, I believe I’m into something that not only provides me a platform to invest my efforts in the technologies I’ve dreamed of, but also would simply give me the pleasure that I’ve been looking for.



Anjum Rashid

Microsoft Ambassador Alumni | GitHub Campus Expert | InfoSec Enthusiast | Blockchain Explorer